Charleston Museum & Macaroon Boutique

Charleston Museum

On this rainy chilly day we stayed local and visited the Charleston Museum which is just a few blocks away.  It was a great way to spend a few hours and learn more about the city’s history, including that the city is known for several ‘firsts’ including the first library, museum, municipal college, and chamber of commerce in the country.


Macaroon Boutique

On the way back from the Charleston Museum we ran into a very friendly French baker (yes, you read right – friendly AND French!) who owns Macaroon Boutique on Warren St.  We bought croissants from his last week and had a great conversation about how much he loves the US, why he moved here from France (hard work = rewards, and at less than a 75% tax rate), etc.  We had another nice chat and he gave us the most incredible bag of chocolate cookies gratis – how sweet!  Merci beaucoup!

This wraps up another great weekend in Charleston!

I’m looking forward to my Mom’s upcoming Thanksgiving visit next weekend!

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