Charleston Medley – Holiday Train Display, Harbor Cruise, King Street, College of Charleston

This entry covers a variety of days before and after Thanksgiving in Charleston!

Holiday Train – all aboard!
We checked out the holiday train display at the fancy Charleston Place hotel – it was pretty cool.  What I want to know is:  where is the Charleston’s Christkindlmarket??!!!

Charleston Harbor Tour
My Mom and I went out the Sun after Thanksgiving for a harbor cruise with Spirit Line Cruises – the narration was decent, the weather was sunny and warm, and it was a great way to spend part of the day.  The headliner view was coming back into the harbor and getting a view of the aircraft carrier against the Ravenel bridge.  After the cruise we met Dave at the Pavilion rooftop bar.

King St
Shopped around King St the day before Thanksgiving, had one of the best lobster bisques ever at the Mezz jazz bar/restaurant.  We also overheard a couple arguing next to us – it was pretty awkward – we even talked about it with the bartender!!  The husband ended up coming back a bit later, struck up a conversation with Dave and us, and ended up having lived in an area in Tennessee where Dave almost accepted a full time job a few years ago – he told Dave how the town is depressed, there’s a lot of drug usage (which Dave would have been dealing with in the hospital there.)  Looks like a disappointment a few years ago turned out to be a blessing!

College of Charleston
A public college just a few blocks away from our place.  Dave and I love to walk through it regularly.  The yellow building is gorgeous!  Puts SUNY Albany to shame (then again any college campus puts Albany’s uptown ‘concrete jungle’ campus to shame – ha ha!!  Michelle and Trish and other college friends can attest that we were not there for the architecture 🙂








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