Magnolia Plantation & City Carriage Tour

Definitely have some catching up to do on the blog!  This is the final blog for my Mom’s visit.  More updates to come as we wrap up our final Charleston days!  We leave tomorrow for family fun, holidays, and work for Dave!

Merry Christmas everyone!

Sat 11/29

Magnolia Plantation

We spent the day touring Magnolia Plantation, founded in 1676 by the Drayton family.  It is the oldest public tourist site in the Lowcountry and the oldest public gardens in America.  The plantation was opened to visitors in 1870 as the focus of the plantation shifted from agriculture to tourism after the Civil War.  While we enjoyed our time there, the flora and fauna were not really flourishing.  I’d recommend a visit in the spring when things are in full bloom 🙂  The plantation offers a variety of things to see and do including:  a house tour, nature train, boat tour (closed for the winter), petting zoo, large gardens and grounds, restaurant, some cool roaming peacocks, etc.

This was a cool site upon driving into the grounds:  Duckweed – looks like pond scum but it’s the world’s smallest flowering plant…

In defiance of state law at the time, Magnolia Plantation’s owner the Reverend John Drayton build this antebellum schoolhouse to educate the children of plantation slaves (under the guise of religious instruction.)


The Gardens:

The Peacocks!  Glad we brought the zoom lens 🙂

The House and nearby Grounds – the house tour was interesting, but way too crowded.

Nature Train

City Carriage Tour – Old South Carriage Company

Our tour guide really looked like a young Jerry Seinfeld, perfect for us New Yorkers 🙂  He was very informative and told us that he had to study a 500-page book and pass a test to become a guide.  Kind of like a cabbie in London!

More Dining!

We really enjoyed the gospel brunch at Hall’s – catch a clip below!

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