Final Charleston Chews :)

Our visit to Charleston definitely did not disappoint, definitely had mixed feelings as we wrapped up our last week there!
Below please find a list of our observations of our time here – enjoy!

  • It may be the best city for food – even beating New Orleans! Even the bread everywhere was freshly baked (not the standard after-thought it usually is) and served with special homemade butters (honey, chives, etc.) – delish!
  • Porches are called piazzas, like in Italy – funny because not too many Italians settled in Charleston 🙂
  • Charleston single house is the most iconic of the historic home designs – one-room-wide with the narrow end facing the street, front door opens to the “piazza” on the long side which offered cooling cross-ventilation in the days before AC
  • Double house – most of the mansions we visited had this design – 4 rooms on each floor separated by a hallway down the center of the house; therefore two rooms are on each side of the front entrance (double house)
  • The people trying to sell you tours were extremely pushy – almost rude, interrupting your conversation as you walk down the street
  • Taxis all seem to charge different fares based on the day or how much of a sucker they thing you are!
  • Lots of clueless pedestrians abound, crossing against lights, etc.
  • Cool to hear and see the C-17s multiple times during the day as we were on the flight path
  • Most tourists visit Charleston only for a few days – people were amazed when we told them how long we were in town
  • Charleston was not as much of a ‘decked out for Christmas’ city as you may expect – we learned that Halloween appears to be their time to get decked out
  • I kind of liked being called ‘miss’ occasionally instead of ‘ma’am’
  • Charleston has a history of being rebellious – one example that’s pretty cool is the color Charleston Green (a green so deep it looks black.)  According to our favorite tour guide, this color came about after the Civil War when Union troops sent buckets of black paint to help rebuild the decimated town. Colorful Charleston residents couldn’t bear the thought of their Holy City being painted government-issued black, so they tinted the paint with yellow and green, creating their signature Charleston Green

The yellow lab dog up the street who we called Duke is actually a female dog named Annie (and she was very sweet) – she would come to the gate and we’d stick our hand through to pet her.  Unfortunately we never did see her ‘on the outside’.


Our final Charleston food pics: – we will definitely miss the cuisine!

Farewell to Charleston!  VRBO Adventure #1 Complete!
St Helena and Napa here we come (after visits to Long Island and St Louis for the holidays!)

Happy New Year!


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