Monterey Bay Area & Sausalito Weekend -1/30-2/1

Dave and I spent a memorable weekend checking out Monterey, Big Sur, Carmel, Pebble Beach, and then stopping off for a night in Sausalito and a visit to Muir Woods before heading ‘home’ to St. Helena!

We cruised out late Friday morning (following a conference call where ironically most of the guys were talking about having a ‘meeting’ at Pebble Beach…got a chuckle out of that….)

After what seemed like a very long drive we cruised into the city of Monterey and had lunch at Loulou’s, a fun shack on one of the wharfs, then made the journey down to Big Sur!  Dave has been there before, I have not – I did drive down to Santa Cruz with my Boston friend Jen and her brother in the mid 90s and I was impressed with the drive back then.  Big Sur definitely took it up a notch!

Friday, 1/30 – Big Sur Scenic Drive

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Pfeiffer Beach (in Big Sur, hard to find, and a very difficult windy narrow drive to navigate through!)  Check out the purple sand!

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After a very long day we had a relaxing dinner at Jack’s at the Portola Hotel in town at the end of Alvarado St which was very lively and packed with restaurants and shops.

Sat 1/31 – Monterey, Pebble Beach, Carmel, Sausalito

After a lovely breakfast at The Wild Plum Cafe, we ventured down to the 17 Mile Pebble Beach Drive.  Interesting that this gated community is also a drive-through tourist attraction where you can see how the ‘other half’ lives 🙂  You can also see golfers in action!

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 Seal Sighting!

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Continuing on with 17 Mile Drive Highlights

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Carmel Scenic Drive

I’d like to come back here!  Beautiful beach and an inviting small downtown.

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En route to Sausalito

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We stayed at the Casa Madrona and ended up getting upgraded to a luxury room (after we walked into an already occupied room!), enjoyed seeing the San Francisco lights from across the bay, and had a great seafood dinner (and Frank Family Chardonnary, another winery on our list to visit) at Scoma’s.

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Muir Woods

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