Chicago Highlights – July

Sun Aug 2, 2015

Below please find highlights of our July in Chicago!

July 4 weekend:

Rooftop BBQ at Moira & Dave’s

We enjoyed a gorgeous night on M&D’s rooftop and had a fun night chatting with PK’s parents and enjoying tasty fish tacos and lots of wine!  There was an amazing harvest-like moon over the city later than night – pretty magical!

Isaacson & Stein Fish Co

Why did it take more than 16 years to finally get over to the Fulton fish market area?  Could be because our new home is technically East Bank Storage, right across the street!  We picked up some amazing Chilean Sea Bass and Halibut and cooked some incredible dinners over the holiday weekend.  Had Jamie over for one of them – our first and only repeat visitor to the apartment!

Tooling around town

We took a quick cruise through the Lincoln Park zoo after running some errands, viewed many of the black-crowned herons who are nesting in the park at North Ave, and enjoyed taking in some of the architectural sights right in our backyard!

Moby Dick (Fri 7/11)

Joined Sheila, PK, Lisa, Quinn, and a few others for dinner and our first show at the Lookingglass Theater (where David Schwimmer is a founder.)  I was surprised how small and intimate the theater was.  The production was very creative and clever and they mixed in some interesting interactions with the audience throughout.  Queequeg was a superstar, Captain Ahab very memorable and maniacal. Really enjoyed the cirque style acrobatic dance portions.  The downside of the show:  very long, 2.5 hours with 2 intermissions and the seats were among the most uncomfortable ever.


Art Institute (Sat 7/12)

Decided to play tourist in our hometown and pay a little visit to the Art Institute.  Checked out the Degas permanent exhibit, some impressionists (and post), and Japanese, Chinese, Korean, and African wings.

Burger Fest w/Smithereens! (Sat 7/12)

Really lucked out that Paul invited us to check out Burger Fest and go to Michael’s party over on Belmont.  I had no idea the Smithereens were playing and I’ve been a fan for some time.  In fact last summer I was checking their tour schedule.  I love the song A Girl Like You – especially the opening guitar rift.  The show was awesome – the lead singer sounds the same as he did in the 90s!  Paul looks quite a bit like the drummer and they were wearing similar shirts – Dave even said so during the show.   We had a big laugh when two women came up to us after the show ‘a titter’ and told him how much they enjoyed it!  We got to meet the band afterwards as they signed our memorabilia!  I think the lead singer was kind of digging on me. 🙂

ShoreLyme Walk – 18 mi walk for Lyme Disease Awareness

It’s not every day I’d walk 18 miles but decided to join Kurt, Vanessa, and a bunch of their friends for an end-to-end walk of the Chicago lakefront – starting at 71st and the lake and ending 18 miles later at Hollywood!  The purpose was to raise awareness for Lyme Disease, which Vanessa has the more serious version of and which has impacted my cousin Richie and my ‘niece’ Jessi.

We had a variety of weather to enjoy or contend with along the way – extreme heat and temps quickly gave way to cooler cloudier skies (loved it!), and then at Oak Street Beachstro we got caught in a major thunderstorm.  Lucky for me I stayed behind with a very nice couple, we stayed dry, and then continued the walk after the storm blew over.  The lightning was pretty spectacular in the city, over the lake – a bit too close for comfort!

So glad I took PK’s advice of doubling up on socks (and bringing extra socks) and Kurt’s idea of having more than 1 pair of shoes.  I needed all of my extras and was so happy to change out of my wet sneakers into dry ones!  I didn’t even get blisters 🙂

I actually felt pretty good after the walk and the next day, even walked a few miles to the beach and to get together with Jackie, my former neighbor from many years ago over at Cambridge Ave!

North Ave Beach
Despite the challenging weather I did get in quite a few beach days! 

Vintage Baseball with the Chicago Salmons

Came across this game after going to the beach the day after the ShoreLyme walk – pretty cool.  Vintage baseball rules include: no bunting, stealing or leading off bases, spitting, or cursing – among a variety of others!

Jamie’s Balcony Redux

The Dock at Montrose (Fri 7/24) with Lisa!
Tasty drinks, great turkey burgers, B-52 cover band, and one of the best sunset views in Chicago!

Lunch with Bea – our connection to Duma Explorer, African safari company, and Isack, safari tour guide extraordinaire!   Enjoyed showing off the safari photobook and a lobster roll! 

IMG_2970 July 30

Dinner with the Accenture Alumni Finance Gang (being an HR I’m an honorary member!):  Lisa, Susan, and Misti at River Roast!

Almost forgot the Blackhawks Parade which I got to enjoy from the 20th floor of our office building!


Finally our more permanent ‘home’ in Chicago –

(and a cool shot outside of the Merc on our walk home from storage!)

So long for now Chicago!  See you soon!  Hello to Santa Fe!

– Cindy & Dave


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