Quirky Albuquerque – Tramway, Old Town, Nukes, Botanical Gardens, and More Balloons!

This post covers the rest of our week and vacation in Albuquerque.

Fri, Oct 2:  Sandia Peak Tramway in Cibola National Forest – 1st attempt (tramway halted due to high winds.)  At 2.7 miles, Sandia Peak is North America’s longest aerial tram and affords an 11,000 square-mile panoramic view of the Rio Grande Valley and New Mexico.

Mon 10/5, 2nd attempt:  successful and a little taste of winter at the 10,000 ft peak!

Mon, Oct 4:  International Air Balloon Fiesta from Wildflower Park
We decided to check out the balloon fiesta from a nearby park, avoid the crowds, and still enjoy the view.  Nothing could beat the blue skies, puffy clouds, and getting up close and personal with the balloons on Sat, this was still pretty cool.

Tues, Oct 5

Petroglyphs National Monument One of the largest petroglyph sites in North America, featuring designs and symbols carved onto volcanic rocks by Native Americans and Spanish settlers 400 to 700 years ago.  After checking in with the main office we hiked the Boca Negra Canyon – a bit of a challenging trail chock full of petroglyphs and cool views of the city and the nearby calderas.

Old Town Albuquerque
Historic Old Town, dates back to 1706 when city was founded by the Spanish, multiple blocks of shops, restaurants, a famous church, and other attractions.  Old Town has a plaza similar, but much smaller, to Santa Fe.    

Wed, Oct 7 – More International Air Balloon Fiesta!  We drove around the east side of the city and into the hills for panoramic views of the balloons!

National Museum of Nuclear Science & History

Albuquerque Biological Park – we visited the Aquarium and the Botanical Gardens – glad we made time for a visit

Miscellaneous shots around town
Dave and I rented an apartment in the Nob Hill area – about a 10 minute walk to a variety of restaurants, shops, etc. – definitely a cool neighborhood that reminded me a bit of Bucktown in Chicago – grit and upscale mixed together.  Our favorite restaurant was Elaine’s – went there twice!

Farewell New Mexico – you will be missed and hello to California (and working on west coast time – yuk) again!  Next stop:  Palm Springs!

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