Palm Springs…It’s Like Vegas without the Fun!

Hopefully you get a chuckle out of the title.  Dave came up with this motto for Palm Springs, and I have to say I agree!  Palm Springs and Vegas have quite a bit in common – weather, lots of palm trees, casinos, theater, museums – with ‘The Springs’ having it on a smaller less-exciting scale 🙂


Dave and I made the 10 hour drive from Albuquerque on Thurs 10/8 – where we had our final glimpses of the air balloons launching in the morning!  The drive went relatively fast and before you knew it we were driving past Flagstaff, AZ then into CA!  I took some pretty decent photos from the car, and many bad photos!

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Our place
Our townhouse is really the highlight of Palm Springs – it’s very lux, modern, emphasizes indoor/outdoor living, equipped with its own swimming pool and hot tub (which we enjoy almost every day!)  The location is decent – though we would prefer to be a little closer to town – just a few minute drive and about a 15-20 min walk.  In this location we are very close to a nice grocery store, and believe it or not, we have both walked to or from the airport (about a 25 min walk) – that is a first – love it!

Palm Springs Air Museum (Fri 10/9)
This museum stands out as one of the best air museums I’ve ever been to.  Not only did they have interesting things to see, the volunteers and guides were really informative, spent time with you, and were very passionate about the subject matter.  We had the pleasure of speaking with an older docent (in his mid 90s) who served in WWII as a young man, was at D Day, and apparently he enjoyed the company of many local ladies 🙂  He recently went to England and flew the very same plane he flew in WWII.  Pretty amazing.

Then we toured the inside of a B-17 along with another very informative guide.  He oriented us to the standard flight formation and spent most of the tour discussing the various positions and functions in the plane.  Very tough conditions and very tight spaces for these heroes in uniform to work in.   Thanks to them we speak English and not German or Japanese!

Palm Springs Art Museum (Sat, 10/10)
This little museum was a great way to spend some time on a very HOT Sat afternoon.  The temps were ridiculously hot when we first arrived, and at the time of this writing (11/8), they have cooled nicely and it’s absolutely gorgeous!  Back to the art museum….They had a cool (and very apropos for the area) exhibit on high heels with some of the most creative and crazy shoes I’ve ever seen!

We enjoyed the other temporary exhibit, the Weiner Family Collection – A Passionate Eye Exhibit and their permanent galleries which emphasized art from the West.

San Diego (Sat, 10/17)
San Diego is just over a 2 hour drive from Palm Springs and we decided to make a quick overnight trip.  We drove around downtown and spent most of Sat exploring Old Town which was a cute ‘frontier-like’ plaza with period buildings from the early 1800s when Spanish settlers arrived.  The area was decked out for Halloween.  We stayed in La Jolla and had dinner at the famous George’s at the Cove.

On Sun we drove up the coast, stopping at Del Mar and driving through Encinitas, Carlsbad, and Laguna Niguel en route back to ‘The Springs’!

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Halloween weekend
Dave was out of town this weekend.  I flew solo and did a little local touring around while he was away.  No trick or treaters arrived at the house (not surprised given it’s a gated community with no kids) and I didn’t get to see any crazy costumes (as the goulies were not out and about during the day.)  Maybe more celebrating next year?!

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Around Town

Next post will include a long weekend visit to NYC with my Mom!



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