NYC Visit!

As I had a team meeting I organized and was attending on Wed 10/28, my Mom and I decided to have a girl’s weekend in NYC right before it – perfect timing, decent weather, and a fun time!  We enjoyed some incredible dinners (funny enough – two were restaurants that I had initially chosen for our team dinner on Tues night – Masserai dei Vini (amazing over the top service in a modern and loud environment), Patsy’s Italian (old school delicious Italian), and Club A Steakhouse (where we had incredibly huge and fabulous steaks with Dave’s sister Veronica)!

Times Square, Jersey Boys, and Patsy’s Italian (Sun, 10/25)

Cool views around and on top of the Grand Hyatt (Mon, 10/26) – we actually had a view from our room – a rarity in NYC.  The Hyatt also offered a special treat – a rooftop visit for a gargoyle-level view of the Chrysler Building!

The Metropolitan Museum of Art (Mon, 10/26) – I can’t remember the last time I’ve been in this museum, and I’d like to go back already!  I was so happy to be able to meet up with Gina (who was in town helping a good friend shop for a wedding dress) and Foster for a visit outside!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

On the rooftop garden (where there is also a bar when weather is more cooperative) – incredible views of the city!

Club A Steakhouse (Mon, 10/26)  Great night with Veronica!


St Patrick’s Cathedral (Tues, 10/27)

Around Rockefeller Center (Tues 10/27)

Around midtown and the Waldorf Astoria

Skyline view from LGA





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