San Diego Rendevous!

Very excited to visit Cathy and Don in San Diego, a Chicago reunion before our Thanksgiving holiday together with Jamie in Palm Springs!

Arrived the afternoon of Thurs 11,19 after a nice and easy (and fast) drive.  Cathy and I walked to the shore right along Torrey Pines and ended up all the way in Del Mar where we promptly found a Mexican place with chips and margaritas!

San Diego Zoo (Fri, 11/20)

Snow Leopard and Giant Panda!

Koala, Porcupine, & Kangaroo

Secretary Bird and Jaguar

Other highlights

Sailing!  (Sat, 11/21)
What a treat!  Cathy and Don rented a boat along with their friend Chris.  We ended up in a regatta!  What a great day!

Heading out – motoring, little wind, nice views of the city!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

We find ourselves in more company – and then all of a sudden every boat has a spinnaker. Mistakenly, we are in a regatta!  Our sailors Don and Chris did a fantastic job navigating through the pros!

Objects are closer than they appear!

Heading back to the marina – enjoyed the ‘sunset reflection’!

Hotel del Coronado (the ‘Del’) – Coronado means crown in Spanish – it’s definitely a royal experience!


Torrey Pines State Park – hiking and breathtaking views! (Sun, 11/22)

2nd hike – Beach Trail – so unique and a nice reward at the end of the trail!

La Jolla – seals and sea lions – they weren’t out in abundance today but glad I got to see a few! (Sun, 11/22)

The road home – took the San Bernadino mountain route starting in Temeculah then passing through Idyllwild – gorgeous!



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