Vancouver Ventures – Part 3

Welcome to Part 3 of our Venture in Vancouver!  This post includes our visit to the Capilano Suspension Bridge, the Vancouver Outlook, and other downtown adventures!

Capilano Suspension Bridge Park (Mon, 5/30 – Memorial Day)  We caught the free bus over to the park and checked out the highlights.

Main Suspension Bridge – built in 1889, 450 foot span, it felt pretty unstable at times.  I kept telling myself to not pay attention to its age!

Around the park:

Treetop Bridges – series of cable bridges anchored to trees, meant to mimic a ‘squirrels’ eye view’

Cliffwalk: takes you beyond the cliff face over the river canyon

Vancouver Lookout (Mon 5/30): We opted for wine at the revolving restaurant and enjoyed the bird’s eye view!

I had to visit the Deloitte office to pick up a headset for quieter conference calls – beautiful views!

More Canada Place!

Our condo building on Homer Street, and 7th floor garden (this is where the hawk ‘buzzed’ me)

More shots around town:

Vancouver Public Library – it is a hub of action believe it or not (restaurants and shops share the atrium and people hang out on the large semi-circle steps), located right around the corner from our place.  The library garners ~7 million visits and contains 9.5 million items!

Love taking the Water Bus over to Granville Island – and it’s always nice to come home to the little boat we have in the marina – ha ha!

More views from our balcony.  I love the rooftop decks across the street!

North Vancouver (Tues, 5/31)
Incredible skyline views en route to drinks and dinner over in North Vancouver.

There is a public market, similar to Granville, in the ferry terminal – very convenient for commuters to pick up dinner, produce, wine, etc. on the way home.  Dave and I were immediately struck by the difference in the mix of people here – the main downtown area is about 75-80% Asian and everyone looks to be in their 20s.  In North Vancouver there were hardly any Asians and the average age appeared to be 40s and 50s.

Food!  Last but certainly not least – some of our favorite meals!  I had the pleasure of cooking local BC spot prawns  one night, sweet meaty – delish!  Competition is tough for grocers to get the shrimp as the Asians are attempting to buy it all up (shrimp, housing, what’s next? 🙂

My next post will cover my friend Lisa’s visit to Vancouver!  She arrives tomorrow – can’t wait!

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