Vancouver Ventures – Lisa’s Visit!

This post is all about my good friend Lisa’s visit to Vancouver!  I was so happy to host her, especially after all the hospitality she has treated me to through the years!

Granville Island Public Market & Aquabus Wed, 6/8

After showing Lisa around the impressive Public Market with a ridiculous array of veggies, meats, seafood, chocolates, etc. etc. we enjoyed my favorite local BC wine, steamed mussels, and a great view of False Creek.  We also took the Aquabus there and back – that’s a treat on its own!

That evening we went to one of my favorite places, Blue Water Café and had an incredible dinner.  We saw quite a few people coming out of another room – when we peeked in we were treated to a tour of the restaurant’s event rooms and wine storage.  Cool!

Thurs 6/9 Around my favorite part of town – Canada Place – beautiful views, lots of activity!

Biking around Stanley Park – I was so glad to return to Stanley Park – it’s such a special place, and Lisa agreed!

Our silly pink bikes:


Amazing view of the city!

Totem Poles:

Girl in a Wetsuit bronze sculpture, Chinese dragon, and bridge to North Vancouver

Siwash Rock and Third Beach

Post-exercise rewards at Cactus Club Café!


Amaze-ing Laughter!

After dropping the bikes, it was off to Gastown, Vancouver’s historic district for some shopping, coffee, and checking out its famous steam clock.

More about how this area got its name:  In 1867 “Gassy Jack” Deighton (pictured in the statue below) arrived (he received his nickname because he was a gabber and couldn’t stop talking….we don’t know anyone like that do we? 🙂  He stepped ashore with a barrel of whiskey, telling the millworkers that if they’d build him a saloon, he’d serve them drinks. The saloon was up and running within a day…talk about incentive!  Gastown was born.

In keeping with the whirlwind nature of the day we decided to cover even more territory, Chinatown!

The markets were chock full of herbs to treat all your ailments, monstrous mushrooms, and other foods NOT for the faint of heart!

Dr Sun Yat-Sen Classical Chinese Garden

Dave and I walked right past this garden (no wonder since there’s a huge wall around it!) on our way to dinner one night in Chinatown.  So glad Lisa and I checked it out – a pretty serene sanctuary right in the middle of Chinatown (which is not very pretty or serene.)  There was an old couple dressed to the nines painting and listening to Chinese classical music – so picture perfect!

The Chinese theme continued with dinner at Dinesty on Robson, famous for their dumplings that have both meat and soup inside!  They were tasty, but a little hard to handle and a bit dangerous to eat – very hot and the soup would sometimes spurt out (lucky for me, just on the plate!)  We also had a delicious pork with hoisin sauce and some of the best green beans I’ve ever had (spicy, with minced pork)   When in a Vancouver Chinese restaurant, order one dish at a time – we ended up our green beans first, then our pork, and then our dumplings – and we felt rushed.  We watched and we learned…. 🙂


Fri, 6/10: Van Dusen Botanical Gardens & Queen Elizabeth Park (South Vancouver)

The weather was not nearly as cooperative today but we managed to spend most of it outside, visiting the Van Dusen Botanical Gardens and the gorgeous Queen Elizabeth Park.

Rose Garden – I beg your pardon!

Elizabethan Maze – we did get lost for a few min!


Around the gardens:

Crazy rhubarb and interesting flowers:

Queen Elizabeth Park – could be the prettiest spot in Vancouver!

I agree with Lisa that QE Park is really much more impressive and easy to visit than the Botanical Gardens – however, they are quite close (about a 15 min walk) if you’d like to check both off your list.

A little pond-side rendezvous with some friends:

En route to the Skytrain station, this house had some interesting landscaping a few weeks ago – they have added more landscape art to their collection!

That wraps up Post 4 from Vancouver!  Next up: our weekend in Whistler and our final days in Vancouver!  Then Chicago here we come!









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