I Recommend Bend!

I couldn’t refuse an invitation from Moira and Dave (dear friends from Chicago – in fact Moira was my very first friend in Chicago – the ‘Kevin Bacon’ of our ‘posse’!) for a summer visit to Bend OR, where they bought a second home 3 years ago! Not only have I been wanting to go for some time, but I also knew getting out of the Arizona heat for a few days would be very welcome!!

I was lucky to be able to extend my July 4 holiday weekend (that we spent in Chicago – and will include pics in an upcoming post) to go out to Bend for a visit! After only a few days there, I can see how special this place is – natural beauty and outdoor activities galore, nice dry weather, and a small city with boutiques, good restaurants, festivals. Great place to live and vacation!

The Redmond/Bend airport reminds me of Islip, NY and Santa Barbara – small quaint and easy to get in and out of!

Fri, 7/7

I enjoyed a walk around Drake Park, located right across the street from Dave and Moira’s. It’s pretty amazing that such natural beauty is right in the middle of town! Lots of bikers, runners, walkers, and some interesting RVs and vans!

While Moira worked, Dave and I went out for an awesome breakfast at Jackson’s Corner and then checked out the surfers on the Deschutes River – yes, surfing on the river rapids.  Later in the day lots of tubers are to be found rambling down the river, enjoying beverages and the sun!

We spent the afternoon hiking Tumalo Mountain, a short but strenuous uphill hike, complete with some snow!

View of Mount Bachelor:

En route:

Rewarding mountain top views:

Snacks at Sparks Lake – the view really sucked – ha ha!

After enjoying post-hike wine and snacks we walked around town, shopped (enjoyed their 3rd Fri shopping event), and had a great dinner and tasty passionfruit margaritas at Barrio. After dinner we popped over to their friend’s house for a bit more wine and fun conversation!

Sat, 7/8

We spent the day hiking in the Green Lakes area – what a journey, about 10 miles roundtrip, with lots of snow and some navigational challenges to get around! Thanks to Dave, our guide extraordinaire, for safe passage the whole way!

Falls Creek:

Adorable little tree frogs:

En route:

Dave noticed an unstable melting ‘snow bridge’ and marked the safe points for Moira and me to cross. Then he helped other unsuspecting hikers by marking the spot even more!

One of the prettiest parts of the hike – and come to find out a bobcat and cub were also visiting that day!

We have arrived! Green Lakes

Tilted log bridge – we crossed a few of these that were straight – this one was totally tilted and a bit scary (especially when your legs are shaking from fatigue – he he!) Moira and Dave were brave and side stepped it – I did the butt shimmy!

Pretty shots on the way down:

I think this is a personal record:

We had a great dinner and sampled some local brews at Deschutes Brewery – love their fresh squeezed IPA and also enjoyed their summer ale.

Sun 7/9 – Luckily I was able to walk – ha ha! Actually didn’t feel too bad – some soreness in new/different places than my spin and bootcamp classes! We enjoyed another fab breakfast at Jackson’s and then off to the airport and back to baking Phoenix I went!

Highly recommend Bend! 🙂  Thanks to Moira and Dave for their hospitality!

Coming soon – a summary of our Scottsdale activities from April – July!

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